Address is a point on the map but does now show up when searching for it

The point “albert hein to go” is a point on the map. If you edit it it has the address “Neckerspoel 10, Eindhoven”. But if you search “Neckerspoel 10, Eindhoven” it is not found.
The point data seems correct so why is it not showing up?


This is what you get as second result when you search for Albert Heijn to go, eindhoven

Convenience Store Albert Heijn to go, 10, Kennedyplein, Fellenoord, Centrum, Eindhoven, Nordbrabant, Niederlande, 5611 AD, Niederlande

pointing to your node

Seems that name=Neckerspoel on highway=busway is not recognized by nominatim (the search engine)

Searching for just “Neckerspoel, Eindhoven, 5611AD, NL” successfully returns the bus depot.

For some reason “Neckerspoel 10, Eindhoven, 5611AD, NL” and “10 Neckerspoel, Eindhoven, 5611AD, NL” don’t.

That is very likely and would need to be checked with the Nominatim developers.

However I would strongly argue that the busways shouldn’t be named to start with (randomly naming stuff seems to be a trend in that area), Neckerspoel should be modelled as a place node or area and the address should use addr:place. Things will work just fine then.