Addr: key for parts of a shopping mall?

This Chinese restaurant (North Park) has its address as “LG New Entertainment Complex, Alabang Town Center”. I’ve tagged lower ground floor under addr:floor and the mall’s name under addr:housename, which I believe is convention from what I’ve seen in other Southern Greater Manila mall shop features.

The Pizza Hut branch in this mall in Imus has its address as “G/F Promenade, The District Imus”. TDI has a “promenade” which is the open-air part with no airconditioning and natural sunlight, while the “Main Mall” is the same airconned experience you’d expect.

What key do I use to map a part of a shopping mall, such as “The Promenade”, “Entertainment Complex”, “Expansion Wing”, among others?


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I’m not aware of established tagging for building wings of similar functional sections of buildings.

There’s building:part to describe a big volume within a building (spanning across rooms and floors). Not sure if this is helpful in your case.

The Simple Indoor Tagging scheme allows to map individual rooms or areas and room has rough descriptions of predominant room usage.

I would say yes, building:part is the way to go, although you cannot rely on it the other way round (you cannot be sure a mapped building:part is actually a distinct part in organizational terms, because the subdivision of buildings is mostly lead by 3D mapping considerations (different height or roof, etc.).