Additional values for healthcare:speciality

Hello community,

My name ist Michael from Austria and I am working voluntary for the Austrian Red Cross. Together with a college we have started to map all emergency stations in Austria and published them as a Transparency Map for the Austrian Paramedic Association. Our second milestone is to map all hospitals which provide emergency healthcare. There are standard keys like healthcare:speciality=[emergency; trauma], but I am missing other specialties like stroke units,
thrombectomy unit, perkutan coronary intervention units or shock rooms. How can I add these new features to the keys? Do I need a proposal or can I add them directly?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Michi,
basically you are free to invent any tag you like. So if you have some specialties you are missing you may use them. You may consider this list of values, which were already used in the past by other mappers.

As you are working on a larger scale, to discuss the new values here in the forum would be a good thing to do.

If you want to be pretty sure you could start a proposal (example from the past). I don’t think this is necessary.

No matter which way you go; Extending the Wiki would be a good thing to do.

Oh I should clarify it’s a stroke center level. The titles are most common in USA. Stroke center - Wikipedia

health_specialty:*= is my personal preference. Many people will still prefer healthcare:speciality= , while adding health_specialty:*= on top would be clearer . For compatibility, OSMAnd already supports some health_specialty:*= , so it isn’t that bad.

  • stroke_unit : I don’t find including “unit” as needed. It seems to be expressing a different aspect, for the organization of departments inside. I prefer starting disease:stroke= =main or at least =yes to show it’s a major service offered.
  • neurology : So I will limit to inserting neurology in healthcare:speciality= , and adding health_specialty:neurology=main
  • thrombectomy : What I doubt is whether all treatments should be added among other specialties. I would avoid health_specialty:thrombectomy=, and only add thrombectomy in healthcare:speciality= for now

Hello Robert,

I am familiar with the provided list. And in my case the following tags are missing:

  • healthcare:speciality=stroke or stroke_unit → specialist department (mostly a sub-department of neurology), providing immediate stroke diagnosis (via computer tomography CT) and therapy
  • healthcare:speciality=thrombectomy → special treatment for stroke patients provided in supra-regional stroke unit centers
  • healthcare:speciality=pci → percutaneous coronary intervention unit for patients suffering a heart attack

Are you fine Robert with the keys and descriptions?

  • =stroke : There is actually* , which eg a disease:stroke= (excuse the terminology if it shouldn’t be considered a “disease”) would be more specific. Other vals are usually fields.
  • =thrombectomy : I doubt whether specific treatments and procedures should be put together with other fields. Eg Hyperbaric medicine - Wikipedia mentions “specialty” as " diving medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, infectious diseases" , and has an ICD-9-CM procedure code.
  • =pci : Usually abbreviations should be avoided. There are already long ones viz =dental_oral_maxillo_facial_surgery . Typing is not a necessary concern, as ideally there should be autocomplete or presets for users to search and select from. (I personally copy from wiki, or paste from a clipboard manager) But same concern as thrombectomy above.
  • Shock room: Do you mind explaining it to us? I still don’t understand it fully after looking-up. While not showing this exactly, there were discussions about trauma center levels, with a few healthcare:trauma:level | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo and designation= used.

Further to last, I suggest eg healthcare:stroke:level= or similar. Stroke center level may be easier to understand and find to others.
Listing all these different aspects in healthcare:specialty= together isn’t very organized. That’s why I prefer* if it is considered a specialty.

Hello @Kovoschiz ,
Thank you for your input and sorry for my late response. I was very busy the last few days.
To keep it simple in the first step let us only discuss and implement both neurology values (stroke or stroke_unit and thrombectomy). Unfortunately, I have never heard about different stroke levels. On the website of the Austrian Stroke Council, I found the locations of all stroke units and “neuro intervention centers” (centers with thrombectomy).

So with your hint I should tag all hospitals as key:health_specialty:stroke_unit as a subspecialty of key:health_specialty:neurology? And for the “neuro intervention centers” key:health_specialty:thrombectomy as a specialty for therapy?

Thank you for your input :wink:

Thank your for the information about the stroke levels. So all hospitals displayed in the map of the Austrian Stroke Council are equal with level 3 stroke centers. All the “neuro intervention centers” are minimum level 2 or even level 1 centers. So with your hints I will tag all hospitals as follows:

Tagging for level 3 hospitals:

  • healthcare:specialty=neurology
  • health_specialty:neurology=main
  • healthcare:stroke:level=3
  • disease:stroke=yes

Tagging for level 2 hospitals

  • healthcare:specialty=neurology;thrombectomy
  • health_specialty:neurology=main
  • healthcare:stroke:level=2
  • disease:stroke=yes