Adding/updating maps--understanding the dates and colors

I only have one state map installed right now. I notice that when I go to the download manager, some maps are in a green font and some are blue. Most are black. What do the colors indicate? Also, what do the dates mean? In the screenshot below it says Edition: 03/22/2014 and in the right column it says 03/23/2014 above the file size. I re-installed this map today (3/28/2014) so it doesn’t seem to be related to the date the map was installed.

Blue is new version of the map You already have is available
Green means You already have latest map.
I think black is the map being available for download but You do not have it yet in Your device.


@Tomek, I am not sure what you meant by “Blue is new version of the map You already have is available”. I think you meant to say that I have downloaded an older version of that map, but a new one is available. In which case the dates on the screen might mean that I have installed the 3/22/2014 version, but there was a new version on 3/23/2014 (missed it by one day).

However, in this case, I have tried updating this Virginia map three times and it always shows up in blue. Just a few minutes ago I downloaded that map (today is 3/28/2014). Everything looked like it went ok, but when I come back to this same screen, everything looks the same. Either I have found a bug or we are wrong about what the blue font and the dates mean.

I had that too. Sometimes, even after a map update/download, the map would stay blue. No idea why.

Please refer to the Osmand googlegroup mailinglist via

This topic about wrong colours for map files to be updated or not has been there already for several month.

But I am not sure whether there has been a bug fix already.