adding trails

I added old ski trails by digitizing off an ortho image. To add new trails I imported two gpx files. I want to view in OpenSteetMap so I can digitize in, but they don’t show up. I can find them under gps traces, but when I go to the editing the OpenStreetMap I can’t get them show up. Perhaps I need one of the different editors?

Yes, I think iD (the in-browser editor) shows a rather outdated pre-compiled view of GPS traces. Depending on your preferences you can use either JOSM or Poltatch3 (latter has good support for GPS traces with waypoints) or possibly try loading your GPS trace into iD as custom data - you may need to do this from your desktop.

You can drag and drop local .GPX files onto iD as well. You don’t get as much waypoint information as you would in Potlatch 3, but it does work directly in the browser.