Adding trail data in Massachusetts

I have just started poking around OSM in the interests of adding local hiking/mountainbiking trails. I have noticed that there is a lot of trail data available in Massachusetts from MassGIS and DCR. For instance, there are a lot of trails in the DCR state forest that I don’t see in OSM:

There was an import of a bunch of data from MassGIS:

But it doesn’t appear that trails were imported. Is there someone to contact about how to add this data correctly?

The best place to ask will be the US Imports list or TALK-US , and someone on those lists will be familiar with the MassGIS import and know something about how the trail import should be done.

You could, of course walk or ride the trails yourself and add them to OSM directly :slight_smile:

MikeN: Thanks, will do.

SomeoneElse: Absolutely for trails that aren’t mapped yet (and there are plenty around me), but since DCR has so kindly done all this work, we might as well use that to start with.