Adding the vecorized map of all Israeli nature reserves

One of the vectorized maps at this site:

Is based on TAMA8 ( תוכנית מתאר ארצית 8) and shows nature reseves in Israel

Provided we have the authorization from the authorities, and the person who vectorized it, I think we should add this to OSM.
The location of nature reserves is important to anyone whowants to plan a foot/bike trip, and not get into trouble with the RATAG.

We would also need a person who can do the conversion.

I agree - If you can get the approval, with suitable licensing, then it would be a great benefit to OSM.

If their map is in some standard format, then maybe it’s already covered by an OSM aware tool.
If their format is proprietary, then they should help us understanding it, or convert it to some standard format.


The files should apparently be read with CompeGPS proprietary software “Land”.

I just sent an email to RATAG and asked if they can give us the original data (this might have good chances of success given the recent KKL import).