Adding Shape file into OSM


How can I add shape file into OSM, is there anybody who can help me.

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You can ask on the mailing list, but first: who created the shape file, what is the license, why do you need to add a shape file, what kind of data is there in the shapefile?

I have exactly the same question.

In Canada, the whole country is available in shapefile format that is free of using and distributing (kinda GPL license).

Here’s the license page

Here you can download the date

It would be nice if we could have the whole network. This could boost the number of users from Canada!

The SVN repository contains a utiltity called shp2osm which you can use as a basis for your own tool for importing data. Regarding the license: please join the legal talk mailinglist and seek advice there before uploading data that has any kind of license. OSM is very strict in what data we accept in our database to prevent any future law suit.

You can also see Potential Datasources, which will tell you what other people have found. Deals with data sources and if it’s legal to use.

Geobase is specifically mentioned there

Geobase import is already going on. You should read the talk-ca mailing list.