adding roads / footpaths via mobile device, how?

Hi there,

perhaps I just need a little direction here.
I am travelling for an extended time, and osm is one of my most precious tools.
That’s why I also want to.contribute with edits, which is easy for POIs, but lately I also want to update or add streets, or mostly hiking trails to the database. I recorded gpx files for this purpose. But I don’t get any further than uploading them to osm as gps tracks. Osmand is limited to this option (although I’m glad for editing the files to refine the path), Vespucci seems to be more of an editor for already present data than turning gpx tracks into roads or pathways. Now I tried ID to see if an online editor works on android devices, but no, the editing area is mostly offscreen. BTW, this irritated me: ID editing-window showed ‘bing microsoft’ credits, what’s that got to do with osm, is it really using corporate sattelite-imagery of that sort?

Anyway, I’d be happy if someone can suggest me a solution on how to add wayson a mobile device.

Yes, MS allows us to use this imagery.

iD is not really suitable for small screen mobile devices. On tablets, though, it may be better.

I don’t think that there is much corporate satellite imagery. The Bing imagery of interest is taken from aircraft, although there may be NASA or ESA images in remote places. I doubt if there is any aircraft based imagery that isn’t from private sector sources.

If you’ll looking for an editor for mobile phones I’d suggest - but because you don’t have a mouse and a reasonably sized screen, it’s still easier to use a PC.

Is there really no hope for my case, which doesn’t seem that unusual to me? While travelling I’m bound to my mobile device only. And there should be a way of editing gpx tracks as pathways to be added to the osm database. Vespucci has shown to be useless for my purpose as mentioned initially. Btw, thanks for updating me on the aerial imagery topic - I wasn’t aware that this part is coming ftom MS.

A number of companies have donated aerial imagery, not just MS.

Historically, the only input available to OSM was GPS surveys performed by people on the ground. It was that that made it possible to break free of IP restrictions on existing maps. However, since then, access to other sources has been donated.

Good point… I feel like GPS survey is exactly what I’m trying to contribute here, but still can’t believe that there is no possibility to edit this via a mobile devic :frowning:

There was no need, I suppose. You may be one of the few who want this feature. That’s the only reason. People just record GPS traces and edit roads from a PC/laptop when they have time.