Adding Rectified Images in JOSM

Does anyone have any success adding rectified images in JOSM, specifically from Mapwarper Because I have been trying everything from updating to trying at different zoom levels and nothing seems to work. I always get “Error: Problem Loading Tile” no matter which map I try to use. Is the ability still supported?

I’m using the latest version (13500) and for reference I am trying to use this from Mapwarper

Here’s what I do:

  1. Open project
  2. Click “Imagery” —> “More…” —> “Rectified Image…”
  3. Select the radio button for “Mapwarper”
  4. Then paste

into the text input box
5. Press “Add Rectified Image”

any help?

No you need to add it as a TMS layer:

  1. Edit … Preferences
  2. Select TMS WMS box on the side
  3. Choose Add TMS button (bottom right adjacent to list of current layers
  4. Paste the string from MapWarper into the relevant panel (3rd one down IIRC)
  5. Give it a name “Clough’s Atlas” or similar
  6. Save the Imagery list
  7. Choose from Imagery to add it as a background.

Mapwarper automatically delivers the stuff as tiles just like any other major imagery source. I think the rectified imagery is for local image files with perhaps sidecar files of co-ordinates (world files).


That worked!

thank you so much!