Adding poi files to Navfree on Android

Hello all,

I am using an Android, and have been using Navfree for about a month. Best (offline) satnav app out there. I am interested in learning how to add pois to it, not 1 or 2, but an entire package at a time. For example, I want to be albe to see all of the “bank of americas” on the california map as I’m driving towards them. I know about having to d/l a poi file and possibly having to convert it. I used to do this for my tomtom, but have never done it for navfree. I have no idea what poi file formats navfree uses, or what directory they’d go in on my phone. If there is anyone who has added pois to their navfree app and could walk me through how to do it, the info would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Have you already asked the guys from navfree team?

What was the answer about your POI file adding request?

Because I assume that their data format is closed source.