Adding Partially Submerged Shipwreck

I’d like to add three partially submerged concrete barges that were sunk in the 1950’s off the end of Ferry Grove Pier in North Point State Park. I’m new to OpenStreetMap and could use some help categorizing the area and with choosing appropriate tags.

The barges rise above the waterline and are navigational hazards. They are also quite visible from the park and of historic interest as well. You can find them described in the last paragraph here:

Searching around for a while I can’t figure out the best way to add these to the map. As they are visible above the waterline I imagine they should be added as an area…but I can’t find the right classification. Please advise, thanks!

Look here:

Greetings from Lutz

Thanks @lutz. Those look like tags on submerged wrecks. Since these are above the waterline, shouldn’t they be mapped as some kind of area?

A shipwreck is a shipwreck, whether above or below water.
Yes, it can also be drawn as an area.

Greetings from Lutz

If you want to add data useful for nautical charts, see or