Adding OpenStreetMap to Autopilot software UAV

There are posts about using UAV photo’s for mapping, this post is different as it is a request to add OpenStreetMap software to the autopilot software.
Some of these autopilots already render Google Earth for their UAV’s. As seen here :, and its uses in the Ground Control Station

Phase 1 - Some autopilots:
*The Paparazzi Project GNU licencing, Google, MS Maps and Openstreetmap. The tiles of Openstreetmap are not real photos (YET!) but rendered tiles.
*PX4 BSD license, (Google Earth support)
*Slugs (Google Earth support)
*Virtual Robotix
*OpenPilot (Google Earth support)
*UAVOS (Google Earth support) for waypointing
*Ardupilot (Google Earth support)

And ofc these UAV’s can be used to get photo’s for the project. As for the impact of enabling the access of autopilots to OpenStreetMap, US Congress stated that within 10 years the small UAV (US) market will reach 10 billion dollar. In amounts of UAV’s using such software, the exposure is substantial.

My request is, is it possible to make a taskforce to get OpenStreetMap implemented into these autopilots ?

Phase 2: Other autopilots to convince to integrate OpenStreetMap
*Uav Factory
*Uas Trimble

So, the question is, is it in the scope of the Openstreetmap project to do such an integration drive ? and B is it possible to write a manual for software developers on how to integrate Openstreetmap into their software for UAV’s, like ?

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hmm, according to and the implementation of such software is discouraged.

So, on 1 side the UAV’s can deliver an enormous amount of relevant data to this project by providing aerial images BUT server capacity and prob bandwith needs to be increased. Anyone can make an educated guess on how much extra is needed ?