Adding multiple addresses to a building?

I’m probably doing something wrong, so let me know what I should be doing.

Mainly I don’t know what documentation I should be looking at for the browser/iD editor.

6 months ago I added building footprints for my neighborhood. I tagged everything as houses because structurally they’re houses.

Now I want to add addresses, but some of the houses have been split into apartments, with each apartment having its own address. Eg. The the main house is address 233 and the basement is address 235.

Or on the main floor the house was split in the middle into two apartments and the rear entrance is 237 and the front entrance is 239.

There are also a couple of addresses with Up/Down or A/B/C apartments. eg. 301 Up, 301 Down or 303 A, 303 B, 303 C.

Can I tag things that aren’t just houses with addresses in the iD editor?


Of course, you can add address nodes instead of adding the address to the building.
Otherwise you can also decide yourself to decrease some detail if not all information is necessary. For example, just a “street 1, city” on the building instead of “street 1 A Up, city” and “street 1 A Down, city” as 2 nodes within the building area.

More info:

If you know the exact layout, use building parts to define the extent of each individual flat. Otherwise use nodes for the addresses.

If the numbers are consecutive, give or take even/odd constraints, you could also use a-b format, although I don’t know how well non-human data consumers cope with this.

You are likely to find JOSM a better editor if you use building parts as it is better at dealing with objects with shared edges.