Adding missing open data source for Örebro Komun?


I’m not sure about the process, but I noticed that Örebo Kommun has open (CC-0, so it should be allowed as far as I can tell) data available:–utmarkelser/information-tillganglig-for-ateranvandning/kartdata–geodata.html

As a test I successfully added the WMS endpoint into JOSM. (what you need to use is

However, before I use this data source and also before I try to add it to add this to I would like some guidance:

  1. Make sure that I understand the license compatibility correctly.
  2. Technical guidance on the process of adding the data source. There are complications such as listing supported map projections for WMS source. How do I figure that out?
  3. Also, there are several layers available. Several seem of interest to OpenStreetMap such as “vägtrafiknät” (lines indicating car roads), “lekplatser” (playgrounds) and “parkytor” (park areas). However, some, such as solar panel installation data and noise measurements do not seem to be of any interest to OpenStreetMap. Should a wms_endpoint be added so the user can select which layers to use, or should each of the layers of interest be added separately?
  4. There are also several vector layers available (see There is some overlap between WMS layers and vector layers, but neither is a superset of the other. Can we even use these vector layers with JOSM?

This data is licensed as CC0 and therefore available to use for OpenStreetMap. I have added the two WMS endpoints to the standard imagery list in JOSM, so they are now available in JOSM when you pan over Örebro.

The data itself is available as geojson output from Save it to a .geojson file and open the file in JOSM. For example you could import trees in Örebro (after discussing it with the community) through the api at

Om du tänker uppdatera alla vägar i kommunen bör du följa instruktioner här:

Tack för hjälpen med detta, och tack för infon.

Jag har inte tänkt uppdatera alla vägar, har tyvärr inte tid till ett sådant projekt.