Adding Map of Faroe Islands to my Garmin 2567

I’m going to the faroe Islands & this area is not included on the Garmin Europe map installed to the 2567 unit.
So is there any way of adding the map of these islands from Open Street Map?
If so how?

There is a place to get free Garmin compatible maps based on OSM data. Rather than explain it to you, I went to the site at
and requested a map the contains the Faroe Islands. It only took a few minutes because there isn’t much else on the map. Below you will find a link to the files. If you want to install on Windows, download the installer for Windows, If running a Mac, use that one. If you merely want to copy the map file to your unit, download the file, unzip it and copy the file gmapsupp.img to your unit or its SD card.

Read over the help files on the server at and you can make your own customized map next time.

The files you want are here:

You have 120 hours remaining before they’re deleted


Many thanks very helpful.
But a couple of queries if you have time to help.
When I went onto file it says it’s corrupt, question why?
Also the header for that page was Falkland Isles" I’m interested in Faroe Islands, did you just send that as an example?

Oh my, I am getting old, that’s for sure. No, I meant to send you the Faroe Islands but seized on the Falklands instead. I recently read an article about the Falklands and in my haste to answer your question before rushing off to play tennis yesterday, gave you the wrong island group. I’m embarrassed.

Anyway, now that you’ve seen the excellent resource at, can you figure out how to get what you want? I can get the correct area this time and send it again if you wish.

As for the corruption question, I have used that site hundreds of times and never had any issues with it. I would assume what you’re seeing is a false positive your anti-virus software is reporting.

Let me know.

I’m in a mess, must be age!
Sorry but I can’t see how I can select Faroe Islands from the “Open Street Map” site, could you help please?
Also checked again & the file when clicked on to says “The disc image file is corrupted” so I can’t unzip, advise?

I have no idea why you’re seeing that message. Ignore it. If the program you’re using to unzip files is causing the report, try a different one. I use 7Zip, a free and excellent compression utility.

You must do a Manual Tile Selection on the Free Garmin maps site at, not the Open Street Map site, by scrolling to the area of interest and clicking on as many tiles as you want included in your finished map. In the case of the Faroes (and the Falklands), only one tile is needed. Because the island group is such a small portion of the region, usually no premade maps for them exist so you need to select the specific tiles that include the Faroe Islands.

First, click the radio button for Type of Map; Generic Routable (new style)

Then skip the section where you select a specific country and scroll down to

Perhaps you’d like to add some additional tiles?
Enable manual tile selection:[checkbox] then use the map below to add and remove tiles to the selection

Click on the checkbox and scroll the map to the area of interest. Click on as many tiles as you want. If you mistakenly select a tile you don’t need, click on it again to deselect it, or click the Reset Selection button.

Go down to the next step and click on Request your map or download it directly:

If the map has been requested earlier, you can download it immediately. Otherwise, fill in your email address and the map will be created for you. This may take a bit of time depending on the server load but it’s usually only a few minutes. You will receive notifications and a download link when it is finished.

Note that if you want a map for, Germany, for example, you would pick Germany from the preselected maps found under the Europe drop-down list. Selecting tiles manually is only necessary if you want a particular area, as in your case, or want to make a map that straddles a country boundary.

Here is a link to the Faroe Islands data

The Wiki explains how to use the site in more detail:

Got it now.
Many thanks for all of your hard work & advise.
Now get back to the Tennis!