Adding landmarks, bays and just area names in Potlatch 2

I am mapping some areas along the coastline of Norway. However i’m a bit unsure how i should proceed With the indication of landmarks like the name of a Cliff, or mountain Ridge. The same accounts for the indication of some Coastal features like bays or staits. Anyone out there With a description on how to proceed on this?

Maybe a closer look at can help?

Ok, this means that i need to start editing openseamap? I’m working on openstreetmap, but have some things along the coastline. Some Cliffs have their own name but are still on the main land. I thought it would be great to get those names onto the map. I think it would also be nice to name a bay along the coast line so People can see these names too. Now i placed the names With an “info” icon or point, but i think i must be able to just name the point or Ridge.

There is a tag for ridges, bays and cliffs

Those wiki pages have some documentation on which extra tags you can add.

Hope this helps.

Openseamap is just a rendering of Openstreetmap, not a separate project

Thank you for Your help. @joost schouppe, If i understand you correctly changes on Openseamap will also be visible on openstreetmap? That would be Nice. As i said never tried it so i have no experience With this one.