Adding houses with aerial imagery (German JOSM)

Hi there,

I want to add houses with josm, buildings_tool. with josm I add addr:city, addr:postcode, addr:street, building: yes
When I try to upload I get warnings: (sorry, German JOSM)

   Warnungen - Problem bei Rollenprüfung (Rolle Street fehlt), Element für Rolle House hat den falschen Typ

How can I work on these warnings before uploading?

thanks for answering


welcome to the wonderful world of OSMing :slight_smile:

As I see, you’ve created two different relations ot the type Associated Street. The problem is that there is no street member in either of them.

You should click on road Hemmerder Bahnhofstraße and add to it the relation (I’d choose #3086431) and enter “street” as the role. (And then transfer the houses from #30858368 to #3086431). One AssociatedStreet relation is enough along a street (member=street) with all the concerning houses (member=house).

While Pikari’s instructions are correct for fixing the associatedStreet relations, there’s no reason for these relations to exist in the first place and they could just as well be deleted – you have already added all the information as tags to the buildings after all.

Did you intentionally create these relations?

Sorry Pikari,

do not see, how to repair the relation. I just leave it for now. I do not want to “repair” something and make it worse while trying.

@Tordanik: I did not add the relation on purpose. I used JOSM 6060 (add key:values form the properties window) and plugins buildings_tool for right angles and terracer for the terrace houses.

I’ deal with it later.


The relation might be created by the terracer plugin in the background - I don’t have it installed here, but I have read, that the terracer plugin creates this relation (with no street role entered I think) by default, if this behavior is not switched off.

I want to clarify this here.

As Tordanik told, you can remove these relations - I also don’t create them, when I enter addresses with housenumbers.