Adding hashtags after having saved if not saved correctly


My browser crashed while saving my last mapping session. It looks like my work was saved (at least partially), but the hashtags I added didn’t get recorded. Is it possible to add them to my last session now? Would be good to be able to keep track of the work the team do.

Thank you

If the changeset is closed (iD always closes it when uploading, JOSM can optionally leave it open, but server closes it after 1h of no more changes uploaded), there’s no way to change the description.

I’d suggest adding a changeset discussion comment which contains the missing information. Other mappers will be able to read that, and if they view the changeset they’ll see the discussion below it as well.

I’d also suggest using “meaningful changeset comments” rather than, or if you must as well as, hashtags, but then I’m older than 12 and am not exactly target market for such things :slight_smile: