Adding Features to Map Using Coordinates

Newbie question. I have OSM on my phone and on my PC and an account. I recently went to my local park and using my phone, marked several archaelogical features of interest. These are saved as My Places and show up on my phone.
I want to add them to the OSM map.
I have exported them as an email so I can see the lats and longs on my PC, but I can’t use this info to add a point.
I can’t add a point in edit mode visually as the area has too much tree cover - I just have the coordinates
Without going into edit mode, I can put the coordinates in the search box, but a marker is only displayed on the map when I hover over the text, not when I move away. In edit mode the coordinates don’t show a marker at all.

Am I missing something or can you not just use lats and longs to create a new point?

Thanks in advance for any help


It probably depends on the editor. I am pretty sure that you can add points using a lat/lon in JOSM. If you can’t, then I am sure that once added you can move them to a specific lat/lon in JOSM.

But you are probably using the default web based ID editor and I don’t know enough about that one to say if it can do the same thing.

I’ve got round the problem by putting the lats/longs in the search box then putting the mouse pointer over the text to show the point on the screen.
I then put a sticky marker on the screen, go to edit mode and click Point then my sticky marker.

Not very elegant but it works. Perhaps the developers of OSM could sort this. It would make OSM much more user friendly

In JOSM you can create a node with given lat/lon, Shift+D is the shortcut