Adding default tilelayers to self hosted uMap

I’m hosting a uMap instance for a project, and I would like to have other tiles than the default “Positron”.

I understand I can add other tiles for my current map in :gear: Edit map settings › Custom background. But I would like to make these tiles available for all new map in my instance. I didn’t find anything in uMap documentation nor in the github issues, nor here.
Does anyone knows how to do that ?

I resolved my answer.

Tiles layers is a database object, that can be populate through the Django admin panel which is activated by default. But you first need to create a superuser password to use django admin.

If you run uMap from Docker, you first need to create a umap.conf file, then attach it to the container via a volume.

      - /root/settings/umap.conf:/etc/umap/umap.conf

Then get a shell inside the app container
docker compose run app /bin/bash
And create a superuser password
umap createsuperuser

In the web page go to the admin page

And you can add now a Tile Layer object