Adding bus stops to a bus route relation


I’m a beginner in OpenStreetMap and I’m sorry if the question I’m about to ask may sound silly. I’m trying to create a new interurban bus route. I created all the bus stops of the line and I generated the new relation with the first bus stop but, as the bus stops are quite far one another, when I try to add the relation to the second stop I can’t find the new relation I created.

How should solve my issue?

Thank you in advance.

Try to add roads to the relation first. The iD editor loads relations that are close to the current view.
You can also try to type relation number manually, for example r11561570, or if the relation hasn’t been created yet and it’s not on OSM - its name.

I’ll try to do what you suggested.

Hi, The route analyzer can help to show possible problems. If you have a look here :- (blue pointers) you can see points where there might be problems, for example in one place you’ve added a stream and missed out a bridge.

Thank you very much for your help! I fixed the issues appeared on relation analyzer. Anyway, I don’t understand why, if I select the transport layer on the map, the route line doesn’t appear in red like the other routes created by other users.

Because this layer doesn’t refresh everyday:

Good to know it! Thank you

I have a related question about bus stops. The wiki says it’s no longer preferred to add the route_ref to the stop itself.

Given that often the stops are surveyed in ignorance of the full route, this seems a pity. Can I continue to do that against the wiki, or is it the sort of thing to put in a <note=> or <description=> ? (and if so, which?)

There are several pages on public transport and buses in the wiki and they don’t always fully agree with each other. I suspect the comment you mention is in the context of routes that are fully mapped as relations. In the real world that is not always possible, but information gathered in a survey about the routes served by an individual stop is still useful and should be recorded, and I think route_ref is still the right place for that. I have used it for example when mapping a rural bus stop where the route number was displayed at the stop and I was not in a position to survey the full route.