Adding bus routes in Gloucester/Ipswich Mass.

The OSM map is missing the bus routes in Gloucester/Ipswich Mass.

There is a KML in the public domain here with the Gloucester MA bus routes.

I’m not sure what the correct way to add them in is (newbie Q). I feel like someone has a better way to add them in. It just needs to extract the northeast Mass. area to put those bus routes into the map.

Adding bus routes is described on page:

And the routes should probably added as transport version 2:

Well, first step would be to add the bus stops and then the routes. The data is from 2020 and split into stops and routes, which is not that useful. I wonder if you can get the original GTFS and use it inn OSM.

Anyway, I fear it is a task for little more experienced users and I recommend to use JOSM and its pt_assistant plugin.
For QA and a nice display of GTFS there is the wonderful tool called PTNA.