Adding building where point already exists

I have a question regarding adding features to a map. In my area, there are many places where buildings like hospitals and schools have been added as points. There are also no buildings drawn in these areas. What’s considered the best way to handle adding buildings? Do I…
–draw a building on the map (around the point) and copy whatever information is in the point data?
–replace the point data with the building drawing, making sure that all the data was transcribed in the new building data?
–not add the building at all, since the point takes up less bandwidth?


Adding buildings where there is a building in the real world but not on the map is good as it adds existing things to the map.
Some people just leave the point with the info and add the building around, some create a building, copy the tags and delete the point, leave the point or move the point so it is part of the building. Most agree, that is it best to do this:
If the whole building is a school/hospital/store/whatever, move the point so it is one corner of the building and put the tags on the building. This way the tag history of the point is preserved.
If the point describes only a part of the building (example: the building is a pharmacy and residence), leave tghe point and draw the building around it.

There are also many topics about this question at when entering “poi node way” or similar in the search box there.

I’ve answered a very similar question on help, a lot is probably applicable here:

Points vs Areas for shops

I’m not sure about the advice to spend additional effort on not deleting the original node. It doesn’t hurt if someone does it this way, but it should be emphasised that you are in no way required to “preserve” the history (it is preserved anyway, even deleted nodes are still present in the history database dump), and you should not spend much effort worrying about it or even refrain from editing because of it.

If the map data is better afterwards, then the edit was a good one.