Adding building numbers / names

I would like to start adding building names and numbers (street addresses) to an area which only has roads at the moment (no building outlines).

Can someone take me through the correct way of doing this before I start, please?

  • Do I draw an area over the house building itself, or the whole land allocated to that number (including gardens, for example)?

  • Do I then just add the house number or name to that area? Or do I also create a node?

  • What happens if there is one building that has two addresses (and two clear owners) - like a semi-detached house in the UK? Draw each half as a separate area?

Sorry for all the questions, I want to get this right before I spend time adding things!

There’s no definite rules for this. But usually in the UK, the house number applies to the specific house/building, not the whole plot or garden etc.
So I think its best to tag the address on the house building area. So a closed way, tagged as building=house, addr:housenumber=1, addr:street=Streetname etc.

If the building is split into pieces, with different addresses (eg a semi-detached or terrace house), then draw them as separate areas, but sharing nodes on the dividing walls. This makes clear there are attached to each other. Then tag each part as building=house and the address etc.

That makes sense, thanks for the reply! I’ll start adding some numbers :slight_smile: