Adding an area around a POI - what's the protocol

If I want to use Yahoo to trace a building, but someone has already put a POI in the centre, should I:
a) Delete the POI but make sure all the tags are transferred to the area; or
b) Leave the POI and duplicate the tags in the area?

b) seems a bit pointless, but perhaps there are special reasons for leaving the POI? It also results in duplicate information when creating maps with mkgmap, but maybe that’s my problem to resolve…

Option a) is definitely best. If you are using JOSM, you can do Edit->Copy, then Edit->“Paste tags”, to make sure all of the tags are transferred to the area.


I have noticed some people adding nodes just to get a shop icon to appear in Mapnik for example. But thats just tagging for the renderer, so better to get the renderer fixed. And as you say, this creates duplicates in Mkgmap. Or if you do a “find my nearest shop” for example, you will get things appearing in the list twice.