Adding Adresses in a City

Hi all,
at the moment i am starting to work on OSM again.
I found out that in my city there are no Tags on the buildings(no addr:street or addr:city …) is there a posibillity to e.g. select all buildings in a area(relation) so that i can add at least the city and postal code for all buildings at once?
Edit: I use JSOM on Ubuntu



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In JOSM you can do a find with multiple conditions, so to find buildings without the city on them you can use something like:

(building=) -(“addr:city”=)

Once you have the buildings selected, simply add the tag.

In the United States postal (ZIP) codes are actually based on the mail delivery routes and are not really areas. There are datasets that have attempted to make them into areas and that works for the most part but there are exceptions. I don’t know where you are but if your location has similar issues, then I’d be careful about adding postal codes.

According to your edit history at you are mapping in Germany.

The political and postalcode boundaries are complete inside the OSM database, so there is no need to only add addr:city and addr:street without addr:housenumber to each building in an area where housenumbers are stiull not mapped in OSM data.

So my answer to your question is:
Technically it is possible, but do not add addr: data without any addr: housenumber … because at least in Germany it is useless.

PS: we have a very active german subforum here :wink:

@both thanks for your quick reply.
@Stephan: So the only need to add Street and City is when i add the housenumber to a building?



add addr:street and addr:housenumber to the building.
The rest (city, country, postcode) is not needed in germany.

Link to the german forum: