Adding a new apartment Complex with roads (map visual is not updated)

Hello all!

I’m brand new to this and I don’t want to mess anything up. I simply made an account to trade to add my apartment complex to the world of “Open Street Map”, however, when i go to check it out, the satellite image is showing my apartment complex never been built (it’s about a year old now)

The apartment Complex is The Meridian At Lafayette in Fayetteville, GA.

Can anyone help me or add it in to the world map?

Would really appreciate it!

Hi and welcome to OSM!

I guess you tried using iD, the standard browser editor built into the website. You have several background images to chose from. Click on the layers icon on the right hand side of the window (three stacked sheets). Then try to select any of the other offered background images. Chance is that one of them already has your buildings photographed. Be a bit cautious, though, about alignment. First check that the image alignes with other features (roads, buildings) already. If not scroll down to the bottom of the panel and adjust the alignment before starting to draw your complex.

If none of that helps do it the old way. Walk around the complex, make a drawing by hand or record point on with your phone’s GPS and map the buildings approximately only. Then when better sat images get available in half a year or so you can still correct them.

Have fun and I hope we will see more of you in the future.


From the layers icon, backgrounds, as mentioned by TZorn in the above answer, chose the Esri World Imagery layer. That has the apartment complex shown. This imagery can also be accessed via Potlatch 2 and JOSM.