Adding a grid of 100m x 100m parcels as layer on openstreetmap


I would like to add a grid of 100m x 100m parcels on top of the full openstreetmap world. My goal is that a user can click on a 100m x 100m grid parcel and then add extra information. The information is stored with the location of teh 100m x 100m parcel in the database.

I figured out how to embed openstreetmap on my website. I am struggeling how to create the grid consisting of 100m x 100m tiles.

I would be really glad for your help.


Maybe this helps

I’m not a mathematician but I think it’s impossible to cover a sphere with squares.

In case anyone is looking for a solution (or as close as it gets – obviously the grid cannot actually be rectangles): I’ve answered this question on StackOverflow.