addin an aerial imagery to a map in tilemill

I am using the OSM data with tilemill and I want to add an aerial imagery layer to my map.
Is it possiable? and how?
Thanx a lot

Well, tilemill is not displaying your rendered tiles, it is just the renderer.

The tiles are displayed via or or similar.

go to those websites to see some examples there … maybe there is already a solution.

If not, ask here again.

can you expline your first sentance?

A rendering program like Tilemill, Mapnik, Maperitive etc is converting the raw OSM data into graphic files, like the tile graphics that you can see when browsing

These tile graphics are stored on a tile server … when you want to display these tile graphics according to different zoom levels you need a frameworw that displays these tiles in a web browser … like openlayers or leafletjs

search the OSM wiki about all these key words, or see for a (quite technical) start.

So tell us first if there are still problems: do you use leafletjs or openlayers?