Added new roundabout anyone know how to fix bus routes?

Just added a new roundabout on Blackmarsh road. You can see it here

Does anyone know how to reconnect the bus route through the round about. I am looking at the relationships but cant see how to identify the route going from the Avalon Mall to the Village Mall from the one going in the opposite direction.

I’d strongly advise installing and learning JOSM, as it looks like iD doesn’t maintain the order of relations, which makes manually checking much easier, and, in the case of long distance trails can cause problems for users because tools that export routes along these tend not to produce direct hops across discontinuities, rather than pre-sorting the ways that form the route.

However, it looks like, with iD, you select the new bit of road, then, select add under all relations, and pick from the menu of relations in the area, and finally, as the new segments are one way, add forward or backward, as the role, depending on whether the bus travels in the natural direction for the way (normally forward for oneway=yes). There seem to be two alternative routes defined for the bus in question, so both must be updated.

To get a good sort order, the members forming the way should read from top to bottom for the bus travelling one way, and from bottom to top, for it travelling the other way. In simple cases, like this, where the forward and backwards paths diverge, it is best to do all the forwards path and then all the backwards path, in the split section, rather than interleaving.

JOSM has tools for checking and correcting the ordering, and also makes it easier to bulk add segments.

I would, however, note that you have mapped a traffic circle, not a roundabout. From the angles at which some of the roads join, it may well be a traffic circle, but without up to date aerial imagery I can’t start to check this.

Also, if you are using route masters, you should really treat the forward and backward journeys as distinct routes, and every way should have forward or backward role assigned to it (no role, means the way is used for both directions along the route.

I have added it based on a gpx track run while driving through so angles may not be right. There are also two other roads that will connect in over the next week but are not finished yet and will be added when I am able to drive through them and add the gpx. I generally then wait for the satellite imagery to update to clean up the intersection.

JOSM is definitely on my todo list but that list is quite crowded. :slight_smile:

I’ll muddle through with the bus routes later the week if I don’t find anyone local to do it. I have found in the past that there is some one around that comes in and cleans up after me.