Add toilet icon to map

I have just joined and want to add a toilet to the map of my local area:-

There are many point of interest icons I can drag to the map but no icon for toilet. This surprises me.

I wonder if this is why no one else has added the long existing toilet whilst bus stops, police station and place of worship are added?

I am doing something wrong or is there something else I must do to add such an icon to the map?

Any advice please?


I’m new myself. It sounds like you are using the online editor (Potlatch), which seems to be only for basic editing. You can add a toilet by adding a different amenity like Parking then replacing the word parking in the value box with the word toilets, it should be in the popup box that appears. I would recommend reading the wiki and trying one of the offline editors.


If you are using potlatch, click twice on the map to create a green dot then click the little plus sign at the bottom right, at the bottom left you will see a new entry with “key” highlighted. Replace the word “key” with “amenity” then in the box to the right of that, type “toilets”.

Thank you for your replies.

I have added a green blob to mark the location of the toilet.

I have also looked at another place where a toilet is marked and see it has the normal icon; another editor must supply it?

I wonder why Potlatch does not supply this very commonly required icon?

@athegn… add now the description amenity=toilet to the green blob…

“…@athegn… add now the description amenity=toilet to the green blob…”

I have already done this but would like to see the toilet icon instead of the green blob.

I have tried opening a fresh page of the map but the green blob does not yet show; I understand that it can take some while for my edits to show up?

It’s “amenity” (lower case “a”):

As you can see at:-

I have changed this to “amenity = toilets” but it is still showing a round blob.

Does this get changed when uploaded to the real map?

now, you can see the toilets

(if you add oder change something, it need’s some minutes, till you can see the changements)

My system, Windows Vista using Firefox 3.6.8, does not show the toilets.

However when I used the URL in I.E. 8 it shows.

No, most POIs/nodes in Potlatch are represented as a green dot. The only POIs which have thier own icon are the presets you can see at the bottom of Potlatch.
The POI on the map will be rendered with an icon, if the renderer supports this. There are many type of POIs which won’t be rendered in Mapnik (the default OSM-Map). Osmarender (try the blue “+”-Sign on the OSM-Homepage) has other preferences of which type of POI should be rendered. If you search the internet you will find many other sites providing maps based on OSM-Data. Depending on thier preferences you will find rendered icons of POIs you won’t find on other maps.

Clear your browser’s cache, or force a reload in FF by holding the Shift-Key when clicking on the Reload-Button.

Reloading FF shows the toilet.

Thank all.