Add surface to Highway Lesotho and Eswatini

Hello African community,

Dewald here from TomTom.

I would like to share with you another 2 MapRoulette challenges that you may find useful related to:

· Add surface to Highway: [MapRoulette ][MapRoulette ]

The description of the challenges contains some information that can assist you in solving it.

Visit our project GitHub page for more details about our activities in (Eswatini | Data Improvements · Issue #97 · tomtom-international/open-data · GitHub)]

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments- and happy editing!


There was/is already a similar MapRoulette challenge “Add Surface to Highway (Thailand)” by TomTom. The OSM community already expressed that the road surface can’t be determined from aerial imagery in a reliable way. Local knowledge is necessary.

You already state that local knowledge is needed, yet, MapRoulette remains the wrong tool for this task in my opinion. StreetComplete is a way better tool for adding missing road surface information. Yet, you encourage others to add surface information from aerial imagery by promoting a MapRoulette challenge. This feels wrong.

Your other MapRoulette challenge “Bulgaria - Add Surface to Highway” is likewise problematic.


Hi @scai
Thank you for the valuable feedback
We had earlier challenges like these ones that was solved and are currently also being solved
It seems that some editors do find value in road surface, but I will keep an eye on progress and already reached out to the communities to request other interesting features that I can deliver at a later stage
Thank you for replying