Add possible POI's

Who to contact to increase the possibility to increase the POI’s?

Currently missing some possible POI’s that can be added (via Potlatch2);



Pool → Indoor Pool & Outdoor Pool.

Hi, you might request this feature request on our ticket system:

Thank you!
Will try straight away.

Well but remember, that the maintainers of the rendering/editor styles are very conservative, because a lot of people think that a lot of tags are ‘very important’ :wink:

Note you can add any tags you like, even if they are not available as a preset icon in Potlatch 2.
Double click on the map to add a node, then in the sidebar click on the button down the bottom for “Advanced”. You can then type in the key and value for the tags you want.

Check the Map Features page for recommended tags to use:
eg for a vet, you would add amenity for the key, and veterinary for the value.