Add new translation file to JOSM

Hi every one,
i’m doing a josm translation version for my language but i get some issue while adding the translation file to josm.
After translated line by line the .po file and built it to .lang file, i copied it to josm data folder and edited file. i ran the program then select my language in preferences menu then restarted the program. but when it reloaded, nothing happen, the GUI was still using English. Then i tried to debug and get the “Unable to find translation file for…” message. Debug deeper i figure that when josm load the language file, it fetch no matching string(like below img). any idea?

p/s sorry about my English.

Any reason why you do not upload that .po file to launchpad? If you have reached more than 2000 translated strings, the language will be included in the normal distribution (see

It is hard to help with that little information. Minimum would be a patch of what you changed in the source code + your .po and .lang file.

This string does not exist in JOSM source code. Please copy & paste messages verbatim, not roughly as you remember it.

You need to always update BOTH en.lang and your own (and the other) languages! These files are always paired. (See here:

P.S. I’ve seen your update in Launchpad. If you already have a patch (i18n dir and JOSM I assume) please open a ticket in bug tracker and attach it, so I don’t need to think myself :slight_smile:

And congratulations, you’re only the third one going from nearly 0% to nearly 100%.

P.S. Can you please add your language in and if you want start with translation of the start page at