Add information to ATM-Tags (Bank-Goup etc.)


a lot of bank institutes are combined to a special group like the Cash Group (Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Postbank)…
I think it would held to add a tag wich represents this information so you can search an ATM which is a meber of your bank group.
Then you’ll know where you can get your money for free without paying fees.

Of cause, I could create this tag for the atm near me but I think there should be created a standart tag at the page…

How do you think about this idea ?

What about key:operator? I guess this is exactly what you are looking for.

Not really…

It gives you only the name of the bank institute, not the name of an eventually bank group.

But on the other hand you’re right, I could implement the definitions of the bank groups and set it then JIT if you’re looking for it.