Add country flag icons to country categories title

Could the community name be extended by the national flag? I quite like the :lady_beetle: symbol for the issues category which makes it easily recognizable.
Maybe that’s the wrong place to ask this question as this applies to other communities as well.


I would prefer to avoid such iconification if possible


I remember that it was considered initially, but not applied for now due the potential icon-noise in the homepage listing.

In any case, a better presentation of community categories is being discussed

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Currently they all have logos but almost all of the logos look similar and doesnt help finding the one youre looking for.

If i understood correctly the countries are gonna be listed by recent activity, which makes finding the desired country even slower. In the old forum it was alphabetical, which helped.

Having a clear symbol (a flag) would save the reader from reading lot of countries names till the one looked for would be found.

So a compromise of a flag instead of the OSM logo could be one solution if the flag would be impossible to fit in the name line.

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