Add and naming a mountain pass on a trail?

The key reason I’m interested in OSM is to help develop it’s portfolio of hiking trails (e.g., tramping in the outback, wilderness tracks, etc.)

I added a “weather shelter”, the Muir Hut, at Muir Pass along the John Muir Trail. It’s at

Then I tried to annotate the appropriate portion of the trail with the “pass” designation (viz, but ran into a problem. NAME is already appropriately taken by “John Muir Trail”, since this is the most appropriate name for the entire path. ALT_NAME is already taken by “Pacific Crest Trail”, which is also quite appropriate. Is there anyway of naming this subsidiary portion of the larger entity, without over-writing those more important designations?

Thanks for any guidance.

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May be this is of some help Key:mountain_pass where a pass is a node not a way.
I used Google to find this wiki page:


Happy mapping