"Actibump" anläggningar i det svenska bolaget "Edeva"

Sorry for the post in English. There is a thread in the German forum about Actibump facilities (electronic pothole) from the Swedish company Edeva. You have already tagged this 6 times. In Germany it will be set up now. It should also be described in the OSM Wiki. But in the German discussion the name of the institution is complained about and another more neutral tagging is preferred. Maybe someone is interested in the discussion?

Here you can also discuss in Swedish. I will translate it then.

Här kan du också diskutera på svenska. Jag kommer att översätta det då.

it seems that nobody is reading the swedish forum. but many people are discussing in the swedish facebookgroup OSM sweden. if you wush i can repost your question in this group.

There is now a proposal for this type of traffic_calming. Please comment there if you have comments. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Tag:traffic_calming%3Ddynamic_bump

Voting started now.