accidentally destroyed map

When i tried to edit a map, i accidentally move some roads and i saved it.
Is there any way to undo these changes?

Thanks in advance.

There are ways of undoing, but depending on the kind accidental moving you’ve done, it can be a bit tricky.

You can view your edits on your user page here: They’re split into changesets but it looks like you’re mostly editing without writing comments. Can you tell which of those edits was the accidental move?

We have to undo all the changes with ID #1896284.

OK. changeset #1896284. It looks like you accidentally moved a way by dragging it Εθνική Οδός 42. So I have reverted that way to a previous state using Potlatch history/revert feature.

Anyone can do that actually. It’s described here:

…mind you I’m not sure if that was the only road you moved

I am trying to retrieve some other roads too, but when i press save it tells me “nothing to upload”.
How can I save my retrieved changes?
EDIT: I solved it.