Accessibility and mapping - networking event

Dear all, I am an Accessibility and Usability Consultant at AbilityNet, and also a volunteer with the Missing Maps/HOTOSM.

As part of TechSharePro, Europe’s largest accessibility and inclusion gathering, my colleagues and I are going to be hosting a virtual networking session around mapping and accessibility, on Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 18:30 -19:30 GMT.

This is for anyone involved or interested in things like:

• Accessible mapping – ensuring mapping and GIS tools can be used by disabled people
• Accessible maps – challenges of making inherently visual interfaces accessible to people with visual impairments. What do we really use maps for? Are disabled people getting this information?
• Mapping accessibility – using GIS to support real world accessibility, eg indoor navigation, mapping accessible venues.

This will be a short and informal networking session. Please invite anyone in your networks who may be interested and feel free to repost.

To attend you’ll need to sign up for TechSharePro but as we’d love you to come, you can apply the discount code TSP21AN_VIP for a free ticket.

I really hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you there.

I’d advice adding this to the OSM Calendar: Event added there get picked up by several other tools.