Access vector data + dynamic style

Hi everybody,

I’m new to OSM/Cloudmade and I’m trying to figure out if it suits the needs of an application I have to develop.
The app will be similar to this Campus Map (University of Montana)

I have a couple of questions for you:

  • Vector data: my application has to register all the user interaction and store it a user profile. I need to store the objects the user is near to (e.g. all the restaurants within a certain radius from the user position). Is it possible to run such a query on CloudMade and fetch all the OSM ids and tags?

  • Style: is it possible to change the map style on the fly, e.g. highlight certain streets via ajax?

Thanks a lot for any hints!

Couple of replies to this where you’ve posted it to the CloudMade developer mailing list …let’s continue the conversation over there