accesibility of publics buildings for persons with handicaps

Hi everyone ;

I am in possession -with the help of municipal and associative people- of data regarding the accessibility of the public buildings in my town (Valence in France) for people with handicaps like people in wheelchairs.

I am pretty much a newbe with OpenStreetMap, and would like to have your advices and help on what is the best way to put this data into use into OSM.

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

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Charlie C.

This sounds like a bulk import. You need to determine whether the licence under which the data is provided is one of those approved for use with the OSM and also convince yourself that the person providing the data understood the licence. Public domain is not an option, for current information, in the EU.

You should also ask on the relevant national OSM mailing list, as policies for bulk imports vary from country to country, e.g. the UK seems to very much against them at the moment.

The actual import needs to be a semi-manual process, as you need to look for existing tags that might not be on exactly the same entity that you would choose mechanically, and you need to resolve conflicts with existing data, probably by visiting the site yourself.

(If this were a list of public buildings, rather than attributes of them, you might well be expected to visit each one to confirm that it really existed at the location indicated, but verifying accessibility data would basically mean that you could do without the import, entirely.

Thanks a lot for your answer ! :slight_smile:

So, to be precise, the city (Valence) has commissioned a third party to gather the data about public buildings accesibility. The data is meant to be public (it is the legality of it, you could even sue the city for not giving it), so there should be no license problem.

This is not data that can be imported in OSM i suppose. It’s a serie of pdf files going into the detail of accessibility of said buildings.

I planned from the beginning to import it completely manually, since there is probably no other way.

My questions, which wasn’t clear at all (i see that now), was about the practical integration of this type of data in OSM, things like :

  • which layers to use and how to proceed
  • do i use icons ? is there a set of standardized icons for this type of things ?

My questions were more toward that line. But i don’t know much about OSM, so if i’m taking this problem the wrong way, feel free to point ! :slight_smile:

Thanks again


France is not the USA. In the USA federal government produced works are in the public domain. In the UK they would be Crown Copyright and you would need an explicit licence. I would steer clear of anything that does not have an explicit licence of the database rights. In the UK things the government want widely available tend to be under the Open Government Licence… However that is not a blanket licence. You are required to attribute the source, and there a catch that the licence doesn’t cover any proprietary information that might be contained (e.g. if detailed OS mapping is used) you cannot use those maps, even if the overall data is under the licence. That can make it quite difficult to decide with there data is actually usable.

There are no layers or icons in the OSM map. These only appear in renderers and anyone can create their own render for the same underlying data. A lot of information in the map doesn’t appear in any of the standard layers at

You just say the data is “public”. Public can have many different meanings. You need to make sure the license under which the data is made available is ODbL compliant. Sometimes there are some limitation that you cannot redistribute the data, or only for non-commercial use. That is not enough.
Even when you use it as a source for mapping, it has to have a license that is ODbL-compliant.
Please talk to the Spanish community to have the license checked before you start mapping. If the license is not compatible, it is possible that we have to remove everything that you mapped from this source.

They will also teach you the basics of mapping tags, etc. This is not something that you want to start without getting to know OpenStreetMap conventions.
The wiki is a nice starting place. Look e.g. at

for the topics you want to map.