About documentation of import projects

I’m participating in, but is not the founder of project Import/Catalogue/Sweden highway import - OpenStreetMap Wiki which as been going on since 2021. The project is discussed and approved by the Swedish community.

Several times I have got messages from an other user, criticising the project not following import rules, especially not documenting changes in a proper way. I have tried explaining and pointing the above url, and also the Swedish instruction page Import/Catalogue/Sweden highway import/Import guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki, but the criticisms continue.

The latest remark is that the project doesn’t include links to the project page in CS. I have read all wiki pages about imports, but I haven’t found any specific instructions about links to project pages. In the CS comments we do include:

   description=Manual merge with NVDB data for <kommun>
   source=Trafikverket NVDB

(kommun=name of municipal)



  1. Is it a mandatory requirement that every CS, in a import project, must have a url-link to the project page?
  2. If so, where in the wiki is this defined?

I’d say that if you use a specific import account as recommended by the guidelines (Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki) and if there is a link to the wiki documentation from that account’s profile as recommended by the guidelines (“Add a link in your import account’s profile to the wiki page detailing your import.”), then you’re fine. If, however, you are ignoring the recommendation of creating a dedicated import account, then pointing to the relevant wiki documentation in the changeset makes sense.

Is there a specific reason you want to avoid that pointer, or is it just a question of “who is right”?