A10 - changes

Lot4 from this highway from Turda to Aiud was opened two days ago (07/30/2018).
How can be marked as available and not in construction?

What flag/property on the editor is marking this highway part as in construction?

I think the status key is the property wich mark this as in construction, but I’m not sure:

status=AC,builder:Porr,progress:99%/31.12.2017 94%/30.11.2017 71.2%/30.06.2017 60.85%/30.03.2017 60.5%/31.12.2016 54.1%/30.09.2016 47.5%/30.06.2016

Should be put there progress:100%/31.07.2018 ? If yes, then a status like below is correct?

status=AC,builder:Porr,progress:100%/31.07.2018 99%/31.12.2017 94%/30.11.2017 71.2%/30.06.2017 60.85%/30.03.2017 60.5%/31.12.2016 54.1%/30.09.2016 47.5%/30.06.2016

I marked only one piece of this highway as reference: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/341992869

OSM normaly uses highway=construction with construction=motorway_link to inidikate that there is a street but not accessable because of “under construction”. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:status is not an “official” OSM-value so you might something specific from Romania.

Thank you @PHerison for your answer.
I’m not aware of any Romanian specific properties, I read it the wiki page about status key also.
I played around with this status key (I modified the value, I removed the key) but without a visible change on the map.
I looked on the relation also, but I don’t have yet a clue what is the solution to my issue.

Meanwhile the OsmAnd (android application) updated the Romania map and seems the recent highway opened can be used :slight_smile:
I think the Openstreet map did not have re-rendered the map tiles yet.