A way to merge points and ways?

I am importing a lot of geographical features. They are all points but should eventually end up as ways. My points are all with names, alternate names, source etc.

OSM already contains unnamed ways for a considerable subset.

So I ideally want to merge the two, taking all tags from a point, copy them into a way and then delete the point.

I shall set up a match list, but is there a method to serve the purpose. Some JOSM-script or similar?

Hi andershl, have you read and understood https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import before taking any action?

Yep, and the actual here-and-now-case is a matter of supplementing some 80 lakes with name, source, alt_name etc… All from approved official sources. A merge/move procedure is much less eror prone than manual key-in…

You might try the “replace geometry” function in JOSM. I know it works for moving all the tags from an existing point onto a new way. It might work if the way is existing and the node is new.

If not, then also in JOSM you can select and copy the tags on one object then paste the tags onto another object.

Thanks, although it boils down to point, select, insert, delete one by one.