A street closed to vehicle traffic but open to pedestrian traffic

What is the proper/best/preferred way to show that North Sandy Side Lane is closed by a vehicle barrier which allows pedestrians and bike usage. I would like tools to route pedestrians through the gate but not route vehicles there.


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If a permanent barrier, see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Barriers

For example:

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If you have a gate in a road, rather than a footpath leading to a road, it is usually because vehicle access is allowed under some circumstances. If it is there to allow emergency vehicles through, it is normal practice to include an explicit exclusion to the vehicle restriction for them. On the other hand, where pedestrian streets are open to vehicles, at certain times, to service shops, it is not normal to map that access.

This is wrong. foot is not a valid access value, see the list of access values. Also it doesn’t allow bicycles but according to funchords cyclists are allowed to use this road.

Instead use this tag combination: access=no, foot=yes, bicycle=yes.



on the highway

Actually, there are some details that are not clear here.

If the whole of the road is normally open to motor vehicles, but there is gate stopping them crossing between and stub and the main part of the road, only the gate should be tagged.

If the whole of the road is normally closed to motor vehicles, it would normally be better to code it as highway=pedestrian.

(If the whole of the road is open to residents’ vehicles, but they must give way to pedestrians, it may be highway=living_street, but here normally has to be specific signage to this effect, although the exact term used on the signs may differ.)

If the stub cannot even be sensibly driven onto, I would, personally, code the stub as a footway or cycleway, as appropriate.

If stub can be driven on, but only by emergency vehicles, I would code it as a service road, with motor_vehicles=no and emergency_vehicles=yes, unless there are houses along it, in which case one could argue for highway=residential, with the same access restrictions.

If emergency vehicles are allowed to go through the gate, I would add emergency_vehicles=yes to that.

I haven’t checked the exact spelling of suggested tags.