A public "Thank you" message

I’m doing a lot of photo mapping in Thailand, taking hundreds of pictures each trip summing up to thousands in total.

A lot of these pictures are names of streets, schools or temples. My ability to write Thai is quite limited. If the font is nice I can type it one character by one. But if they use a font not beginner friendly I can’t match the right character without knowing the word.

Good news is that my girlfriend Jo is helping me out with this. As she is not much interested in all that “computer stuff” most of the Thai names are entered using my account.

So I would like to thank her in public for all the work she is doing for OSM without earning credit for it.
She is probably the most contributing Thai national we have around…

She have patiently fixed many of my spelling errors, please send my thanks to her as well.

Yes, thanks to everybody who helps.