A newbie trying to contribute

I’m from Malaysia. The map for the area where I live is virtually blank. The yahoo imagery for my area is so low-res - it is practically useless. So, for about one month now, I have been tracking, uploading and then drawing the roads all by myself.

My main reference is the OSM wiki. There is currently no active OSMers contributing near my area - so no help there. I think now it is the time to get some ‘reviews’ from more established users here. Do take a look and comment where did I do wrong? What is the main thing I should look for? Are my nodes connected properly? etc… etc…

My changesets are here http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/alihms/edits

For me the roads look fine, maybe you could reduce the amount of points for the road.

On the highway E1 I see many points without any tags, what are they for?

These ‘tags’ are there all these while. They exist even before I join OSM. My suspicion is that someone converted his gps traces into series of POIs and uploaded them into OSM. I’ve been thinking of deleting these points, but since I’m fairly new, I’ll wait first.

About the amount of points for the road. When I first start, I draw the points even closer. Nowadays I spaced them farther apart. I guess some cleanup of my earlier editing is necessary.

hi alihms , welcome to the club :slight_smile:

you did good work. go on. and show it to local folks too.

talk to any subforum which language you speek (i’m german and try my very best) and you will get help. even talking to other big subforum may help you.



That’s why I’m here at this forum. :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

How do I remove these ‘tags’ then? There are just too many of them to delete one by one.


You could load that area in JOSM, then try a Search for something like this:

untagged type:node -(child type:way) -(child type:relation)

That should select all nodes that are untagged, and not part of a way or relation. So you should be able to delete all of them.

This is exactly the help I need. I am now able to delete them all in one go. Thank you very much!