A newbie having trouble

I have mapped some streets here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-29.0022&lon=134.7365&zoom=13&layers=B00FTF. Not all of them show up but they were all added before updating the map should have started. Do I just need to be patient and the rest might get added next week?
I have somehow made a couple of holes in the main highway in Mapnik but not in Osmarenderer. What have I done and how to fix it?

Also there is a lake at http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-31.281&lon=137.703&zoom=9&layers=0B0FTF. It’s a mess. I read some posts here about how to do lakes properly but I can’t find what’s wrong with it. It doesn’t show up at all using Mapnik, Osmarenderer displays it badly, and when you zoom in/out there are blue ‘unknown types’ which appear/disappear all over the place. Anyone help?

I am using Potlatch, one day I’ll graduate to JOSM.

Hooray for more Aussie mappers!

Where have you mapped the roads around Coober Pedy? I looked at the area in question and didn’t see any ways that hadn’t been rendered yet. There were lots of GPS tracks to the South/South West that didn’t have any ways drawn over them. If you were talking about the ones to the SW then chances are you were in practice mode, or your net cut out and it failed to upload the changes, but in that case potlatch would warn you.

In terms of the lake, it just needs re-rendering. I guess requesting a render of all the level 12 tiles that aren’t showing up. Perhaps requesting a level 8 render of the region too.

The renders tend to only re-render tiles that have been looked at recently, so if something has been ignored for a long time it tends to have very stale data shown.

Coober Pedy was just a dot on the map a couple of weeks ago!

The main ways I noticed are three which join the town to the highway on the west side of town. Also, the road which runs to the northeast I added a way all the way to Oodnadatta (~200km) but it is not rendered anywhere near that far. Also, on the Edit screen you can see I’ve added a way east to William Creek (~100km) but that doesn’t appear at all. I am happy to wait another week to see if they turn up.

Your suggestion to request renders is noted. I know I’ve read how to do it somewhere, I’ll look around.

The change I’m really concerned about is that in the Mapnik view I’ve punched a hole in the Stuart Highway each side of Coober Pedy. This is going to be a serious problem for motorists and I want to fix it but on the Edit page I can’t see what is wrong.

But wait, this is getting even harder. Osmarenderer has one-and-a-bit of those three missing ways, the Oodnadatta Road not at all, but it does have a bit of the William Creek Road. The town dot was originally labelled ‘Coober Peedy’ so I fixed that to ‘Coober Pedy’. That works in Mapnik but Osma… can’t decide whether it’s Coober Pedy, Cooober Pedy’ or ‘Coober Peedy’.

Is this about the time that people start reading about Tiles@home? I thought I’d at least get to JOSM first…